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Can I have a Waiter Please!

Our Crazy Waiters turn your typical normal evening dinner into a fun filled dinner extravaganza! These slightly crazy waiters know exactly what they are doing…… but they tend to get a few things wrong along the way!
These waiters do exactly what every waiter should never do! To name one thing, they sometimes collect empty ash trays and replace them with used ones!

The obsessive attention to detail the waiter gives to the exact millimeter position of your fork and knife should get at least some of your guest wondering if they might possibly be going crazy themselves .
The guests are integrated into the cufusion and madness and are fully entertained by the spectacle. Let yourselves be waited on like royalty! p.s. Our Crazy Waiters come in other various roles: the crazy romantic couple, a fake trade fair guest, or even a scatterbrained guest speaker…

the list goes on and on!