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Lebendige Modeperformance mit "falschem Dekorateur" und Living Dolls!

We developed this unique module especially with fashion and product presentation in mind.
The “pseudo tailor” starts off by bringing the dolls to your desired location.

Once the fake tailor is done fitting and accessorizing the Living Dolls, the tailor and the dolls follow up with a performance set to music.
Bringing us full circle in the end by carry the dolls off one by one. Our experience tells us that this

is a very successful way to bring attention to your products and keep your customers entertained while doing it!
Over and over various funny interactions persist between the tailor, the dolls and the audience. All the while the focus is playfully put on the fashion and/or the desired product.

So, when can our pseudo tailor come and decorate at your location/store?